“Muscle Shoals” Once Again Delivers a Big Hit

Loved seeing “Muscle Shoals” tonight with Savage at the Belcourt. The movie was a great peek into the whole scene of Muscle Shoals AL. However, the Belcourt seems, with all it’s quaint movie theater charm, to attract that ilk of people that love to draw attention to themselves as the movie plays out by vocalizing their two year old sensibility, thus somehow making the movie about them and interrupting the viewing experience for the rest of us.

One lady felt the need to narrate all the titles and add an “uh huh” after key lines.  We get it, ma’am, you know the lyrics to Sweet “Home Alabama” and “Respect.”  So do we.  We’d just rather hear the original version than yours.  We’ve heard people butcher the song enough.  Yes, we hear you.  Please use your inside voice.

Other than that, it was great.


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